NTC – Feb 26,2016

BCTF New Teacher’s Conference – February 26, 2016

Session: Mobile Technology Portfolios & Marketing for TTOCs

The following resources and links have been curated to accompany today’s presentation (located at the bottom of the page).

Let me introduce myself… or maybe I can let you do that.


Look me up, here are some suggested searches:

“jon hamlin + pinetree secondary”

“jon hamlin + coquitlam”

“jon hamlin + cuebc”

“jon hamlin + coding”

Online Portfolios

FIPPA Issues

Domain Purchasing

Once you own your domain – you can easily forward it to whatever existing site you are using.

i.e. https://sites.google.com/site/hamlinteaching/  becomes mrhamlin.ca (much tidier don’t you think?)

TOC Marketing (maximize your exposure)

There are lot’s of marketing tips and tricks I can share with you but sometimes the old-fashioned, simplest ideas are the best. Introduce yourself to people, take the initiative to put yourself out there. Shake a few hands. There is a difference between sucking up to people and being friendly. Just be friendly, say hello to new adult faces the same way you say hello to new student faces each day. Avoid being the TOC Ghost who slips in and slips out without leaving a trace.

If you had a great day – tell people about it; share your successes – being proud of your hard work isn’t bragging!

Everybody wants to hear a success story – don’t worry that people are too busy or that they won’t care, everyone loves a winner. Don’t be afraid to talk about  it.

Don’t fear the lunch room. Sure there are people who have been sitting in the same seat for years but just ask “is this seat taken?”, sit down, open your lunch box of tuna and sardine sandwiches (ok maybe skip that part), and say hello. I can 100% guarantee that nobody will tell you to get lost!

Photos – The Face of your Teaching Brand

You will be amazed at how helpful it is to have a good headshot on hand. This is not about being vain or conceited, it’s about creating the best impression of yourself as a professional. Professional looking pictures make you look like a professional, it’s that simple.

How to take decent headshots using your phone

Business Cards

Quality, professional looking business cards make a big difference. Avoid using these as a platform to share your teaching philosophies however, just keep it simple with the key information needed to get you a job.

Vistaprint is a great, inexpensive online printing option.

Staples Copy & Print also does good, cheap work and has the benefit of face to face assistance.

Fiverr is a great site to get cards designed for you if you would rather leave the creative work to a professional (but not break the bank).

Notes and Reports

Leaving detailed notes and classroom reports is something that all teachers appreciate but don’t often get in a professional manner. Don’t overlook this vital step but make it easy on yourself and avoid scrawling it on the back of a late slip or a napkin by using a pre-configured template:

Maximize the number of places to leave your contact info by also including your name, phone number, e-mail, and employee ID on your template as well. You never know the circumstances in which a teacher may be booking a TOC. Having your info in that one extra spot could be all it takes to get a call-back. Keep a few of these paper templates on hand in your TOC folder and better yet – keep the master copy in your digital portfolio so you can access it anytime.

Get on Twitter (broaden your scope)

Twitter is probably the best social network for a teacher to get involved with. It keeps the focus on education without the cat videos, duck faces, and “what I had for dinner” pics to get in the way. Focused chats occur frequently that cover almost every subject area and you can easily connect with like-minded educators from all over the globe.

What is the Twitter hashtag and how do you use it?

Today’s Event Hashtag: #BCTFntc

A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter

Twitter for Teachers

#BCedchat – Every Sunday at 7pm

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