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Tech Tuesday – June 9, 2015 – Useful and effective Web 2.0 classroom tools

* Here is another fantastic resource list with a lot of Arts focus, courtesy of Elaan Bauder

SD43 Specific Resources

SD43 Digital Resources – A curated collection of useful digital resources

SD43 Web 2.0 Protocol – Cloud based tool use protocol flowchart (do I need a permission form or not?)

SD43 Cloud Tools – Resource page and permission letters for a variety of cloud tools (a great resource for even more Web 2.0 tools)

SD43 HUP Program – Microsoft Office Home Use Program ($11 Office, note this will no longer be needed once the district implements Office 365)

SD43 Internet Use Policy – Here is my web version and quiz

SD43 Google Apps for Education – Permission Letter and Terms of Use Agreement

SD43 Parent Permission Letter – Permission letter to post student info online

SD43 Mobile Connection – Connect your iPad or other mobile device to district wi-fi


Creativity & Writing

Freepik – Copyright-free graphics for everyone

Freeplay Music – Free, copyright-free music for videos and projects

Build with Chrome – Use virtual Lego to build projects (Google Chrome browser is required)

Google Docs Story Builder – Create and collaborate on stories with this great web-based interface

Go Mockingbird – Design your website prototypes with this free wire framing tool

Popcorn Maker – Create, edit, and mashup existing web videos and songs into new and exciting creations

Hemingway App – Improve the clarity of your writing

Makerbook – Free graphics and design creative resources

Sketchometry – Converts hand art into geometric shapes

Typing.lk – Free web based typing program to practice and refine skills

WeVideo – Free online, cloud-based video editor

Wordinary – Find any word in the English language through this great interface (perfect Scrabble tool!)

ZenPen – Distraction free writing tool


Classroom & Learning Management

Freshgrade – Comprehensive grading and digital collection and assessment (hosted in Canada)

Google Classroom – Google’s take on learning management systems

Happy Class – Seating plan and relationship harmony

Schoology – Learning management system and mobile app (great interface)


Communication, Assessment and Feedback Tools

Poll Everywhere – Text messaging based polling tool (try my sample poll)

Remind – Safe teacher text messaging tool for students and parents

Slack – Team communication platform (great for ongoing projects or events)

Socrative – Formative assessment mobile tool

Tricider – Brainstorming and decision making web tool – free and no-login (see my sample “Tricision“)


Classroom Tools

Game Show Sounds – Game show sound effects, canned laughter, and more

Easy Prompter – Free online teleprompter, great for practicing speeches

Online Stop Watch – Visual timebomb countdown timer, fun tool for games and activities

Random Name Picker – Make choosing participants or presenters fun and easy (Game show wheel)

Random Group / Partner generator – Make choosing partners painless

Speech Timer – Great to keep presentations on track


Teacher Tools

Blubbr – Create games and quizzes from videos (see sample)

Cloud Convert – Convert just about anything from one format to another

Dirpy – (Shh!) Download online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)

Google Chrome – Faster web browser

Media Smarts – Free digital media teacher resources (FYI: the new bcedplan weaves digital literacy through all curriculum)

Printable Flashcards – Free and easy printable flashcards and study aids

Printable Paper – Print graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more for free

Pro Profs – Online Quiz Maker (paid version)

Simple Gradebook – A free online simple gradebook, based in Canada

Small PDF – Converts .PDF files into MS Word files that you can edit

TMX Capital Markets Learning Centre – Stock market investment simulator for students

Touch Development – Microsoft’s foolproof introductory Programming environment

Zondle – Create games and activities from teacher-created questions


Student Tools

No Fear Shakespeare – Juxtaposes Shakespeare with modern English translations

eMaze – Online Presentation Tool (Prezi alternative)

Time Glider – Visual historical timeline creation, great to visually layout historical events

TitanPad – Easy to use, no-login collaboration tool


Reddit – User-curated news, entertainment, and information website

Reddit for Beginners

Teaching Subreddit

Teachers Subreddit

Education Subreddit

Ed.Tech Subreddit


Just for Fun

African Fossils – Explore an interactive 3D world of animal and human fossils and ancient stone tools

Chess Academy – Learn how to play chess online

Draw A Stickman – Look, anyone can create fun animations

Gigapixel London – The World’s Largest Photograph (Have fun zooming in and out, see more galleries here)

My Fridge Food – Make gourmet meals from what’s leftover in your fridge

Pixel Thoughts – Stressed out? Place your stressful thoughts here and let them go

Rubik Solve – Solve any Rubik’s cube problem in 20 steps or less!

The Nostalgia Machine – Pick a year and see all that year’s top video hits

The Quiet Place Project – Great way to relax for few minutes before class or for certain types of kids….

You Are Getting Old – A full report on your life thus far


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