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iMovie ’11 (What is iMovie and What’s new in iMovie):
Home for all your Home Video:
iMovie ’11 Supported Cameras:
Editing for everyone:
Take your movies further:
Add a little Hollywood:
Now Playing Everywhere:
Movie Trailers:
All New Audio Editing:
One-Step Effects:
People Finder:
Sports and News Themes:
Your World Premier:
Documentation (get fast answers):
Apple Support (Contains 150 iMovie’11 videos and articles):

Some Sample Videos and Articles from Apple Support:

iMovie ’11: Import video:
iMovie ’11: Event Library:
iMovie ’11: About video cable connectors:
iMovie’11 Keyboard shortcuts and shortcut menus:
iMovie ’11: Preview edits quickly:
iMovie ’11: Split a video clip in a project:

iMovie ’11: Delete an Event:
iMovie ’11: Delete a project or project folder:
iMovie ’11: Send your movie to iDVD:
iMovie ’11: Start a new project:
iMovie ’11: aspect ratio:
iMovie ’11: Overview: NTSC, PAL, and Cinema format video:
iMovie ’11: Project browser:
iMovie ’11: Add video to your project:
iMovie ’11: Enhance your project:
iMovie ’11: Project Library:
iMovie ’11: Create a trailer:
iMovie ’11: Analyze video for the presence of people:
iMovie ’11: Share your movie:
iMovie ’11: Organize your video:
Videos (contains 35 video tutorials on iMovie ’11):

Some Sample Videos from Videos:

iMovie ’11: Start a New Project:
iMovie ’11: Import Video:
iMovie ’11: Add Video to a Project:
iMovie ’11: Enhance Your Project – Add a Theme:
iMovie ’11: Enhance Your Project – Add Movie Titles:
iMovie ’11: Enhance Your Project – Add Background Music:
iMovie ’11: Share Your Movie – Publish to Video Sharing Sites:

Find Out How:
Enjoying and Organizing Your Video:
Importing Video From Your Camera:
Marking Your Favorite Video:
Stabilizing Shaky Video:
Trimming Edits Between Video Clips:
Adding Photos to Your Movie:
Adding Background Music to Your Movie:
Adding Titles to Your Movie:
Cropping and Rotating Your Video:
Adding Transitions Between Video Clips:
Adding Theme Titles and Transitions:
Adding Sound Effects to Your Movie:
Adding a Voiceover to Movie:
Slow Down, Speed Up, and Reverse Video:
Create Picture-in-Picture Effects:

Add Animated Travel Maps:
Record Video with Your Built-In iSight Camera:
Publish to YouTube:
Moving from iMovie to Final Cut Pro X:

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