Coding across the Curriculum

CUEBC Conference – October 21, 2022 – Terry Fox Secondary School, Port Coquitlam, BC

This session will present an overview of two free platforms that incorporate coding and computational thinking principles into creative writing and digital music production.

The Why: Coding and Computational Thinking are increasingly important skills for future career pathways and for navigating life in a technologically-mediated world. That being said, looking towards a future that is increasingly automated, it’s not those skills alone that are critical. Coupling these technical skills with soft skills, like creativity and communication, offers students a well-rounded approach to develop computational thinking in a holistic way, connected to diverse aspects of curriculum.

Twine is a free platform that allows authors to use coding variables (HTML / CSS) to create interactive, non-linear, choose your own adventure style stories. Students develop content using flowchart (if / then) thinking to create engaging, multimedia projects to communicate complex ideas. Twine is accessible across all major browsers and platforms and does not require a login or student data collection to function. Twine is a fantastic resource to integrate storytelling skills across Language Arts, Social Studies, or Modern Language curricula, among many other possibilities.

EarSketch is a free platform that allows students to use coding variables (Python or JavaScript) to create digital music compositions from thousands of audio clips from contemporary artists and musical genres. Students can mix and remix songs, change tempos, add samples, and create unique productions all of their own. The platform incorporates significant teacher and student support with many accessible tutorials and resources.

This section will also cover the EarSketch “Your Voice is Power” campaign. Your Voice is Power is a national competition for middle and high school students designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science, entrepreneurship, and social justice by examining and remixing music from three contemporary Canadian Indigenous artists.

This session will provide you with a thorough overview of what the platforms can do and how to get started with them. It will leave you with all the support resources you will require to continue exploring on your own.

Click here for the Twine Overview Page

Click here for the Earsketch Overview Page


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